A website to showcase projects.



I needed a website to help showcase some of the project work I had done. So I built one! HTML is where I began my foray into computers almost 10 years ago, making horribly styled websites. I put aside HTML shortly after for programming applications in C and Java and haven't touched it again until recently. This project page will talk about the design for the project pages as well as getting the website up and running.

Project Pages:

I wanted a blog-style write up for each project page which helped to describe not only the project but also the concepts behind it. A two-panel design was chosen to facilitate navigation between project descriptions.

Hosting and DNS:

Prior to building this website, all my pages had been hosted on free webhosts that used subdomains for their users. This time, I wanted the page hosted with my own domain name. I used github pages for the webhost so that I could easily push changes to the site; this assigns the domain name to the page automatically. Next, I picked out a DNS provider, NameCheap, and set up the host records for forwarding to the github site. The A+ Dynamic DNS records are Dynamic DNS subdomains for computer IP addresses and are hidden for privacy reasons. The URL setting must also be changed on the github pages website.

Next Steps:

Next up is to develop a system for loading a list of projects from a database rather than of having the project navigation side-panel hard-coded into each page.